Bobby the Bobcat Update Part II: Thank You!
Bobby the Bobcat Update Part II: Thank You!

Bobby the Bobcat Update Part II: Thank You!

Thank You!

Bobby the bobcat

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have towards those who have donated to Bobby and Operational WildLife (OWL) in Linwood, KS. Complete strangers from across the United States have sent me messages asking how to donate for Bobby’s care which is incredible! Bobby and I were even featured on Fox4 Kansas City News for an amazing ten seconds. Well, my legs and feet made the news while Bobby stole the spotlight with her eyes gazing up at me.

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to watch my vlog on LinkedIn about Bobby’s progress, here’s a brief rundown. Bobby is a beautiful female bobcat who unfortunately suffered a head injury, missing teeth, severe dehydration, malnourishment, and parasites. Due to her injuries, she was unable to care for herself, and I’m so thankful our paths crossed in the middle of nowhere. I’m also thankful that I was able to receive cell phone reception when I typically don’t on this trail. I still can’t express my gratitude enough to the Lawrence Humane Society for transporting Bobby to OWL.

The first week was a little tough on me as I wondered how Bobby was doing. We had an incredible moment with an immediate trust and bond, so how could I not care for this young bobcat? I did so much research on bobcat rehabilitation that I encountered live videos of a baby bobcat at Big Cat Rescue (yeah, good ol’ Carol Baskins). Each time my mood went downhill, I would take a peek at the live cams and watch this kitten have the time of their life while surrounded by toys, a bed, and food. I instantly knew that Bobby was probably having the time of her life.

Today marked two weeks since Bobby approached me with an injury. I won’t lie, I miss her, but I know she needs to be out in the wild which is exactly what she’s preparing to do. I’m sure my friends are done hearing my tale of Bobby, but that little furball definitely owns a piece of my heart after that encounter. My mind has questioned if Bobby was abandoned or if Bobby was old enough to be on her own. I also wondered on my Sunday hike if mom was out there waiting to have a chat with me for having her baby removed or if she would thank me like I’ve seen in former wildlife reuniting videos. I was hoping for the latter.

Every log and rock that lied on the trail I asked, “Is that Bobby’s den?” Each dried-up footprint I wondered, “Was Bobby’s mom looking for her?” With every noise I heard in the bushes I asked, “Is that Bobby’s mom?” While I know bobcats are very shy predators, you always have to be cautious. After my 5.5 mile paranoid hike in the extreme heat, I told myself that I needed to call Operation WildLife to check in on my friend as well as ask questions.

The Good News

Today, I reached out to OWL to see how Bobby was doing. The very kind lady informed me that Bobby had been moved to the predator cage and is recovering well from the head injury likely caused by a collision with a biker. Instantly, I was relieved as the head injury was my biggest concern about her possibly not returning to the wild. I discovered that Bobby is approximately six months old and is no longer reliant on her mother which provided me with additional relief of not having to worry about mom approaching me. Bobby has also been eating well – a little too well in which I offered to drop off cat food. The lady jokingly replied that I could always make another donation as Bobby has been eating left and right with her diet of mice costing roughly $7.50 per meal. Alright, cancel the cat food. Never in my life have I been more excited to encourage one to eat their daily mice! Go Bobby!

While we aren’t quite sure when Bobby will be ready to go back into the wild, as they aren’t forcing her out the door until she’s ready, I will continue to do anything I can to take care of my friend as Operation WildLife relies on donations to remain in operation. Without these donations, Bobby likely wouldn’t have survived. OWL is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. You can pay directly through PayPal, send a check, contribute to their Amazon Wishlist, or sign up with Goodshop, igive, or Dillons.

Operation WildLife

23375 Guthrie Road

Linwood, KS 66052


Bobby the bobcat is making progress! She is old enough to be without mama, but she needed help in order to survive #wildliferescue #TeamBobby #bobcat

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