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With skills and knowledge in various fields, as well as design, business, and marketing; I am capable of helping remove overhead costs and boost product sales as much as 10-20%. My objectives are to focus on promoting products and services to the target audience(s), use detailed SEO keywords and headlines, write FAQs, write simple yet detailed product descriptions, and design and edit strategically-placed images on print layouts, manuals, and webpages. One missed or incorrect word or phrase can result in a missed sale, and that is not my goal. As a former business owner, I greatly enjoy the challenge of translating between engineers, marketers, and CEOs to ensure that the customer understands what product or service they are purchasing and how to easily use them.

I have professional experience communicating and working with new and existing clientele; designing basic layouts for company catalogues, brochures, and webpages; writing detailed instructions and product descriptions; and editing photos and illustrations while strategically placing them to simplify instructions and appease to customers, technicians, marketers, and salespeople. In my personal and professional opinion, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to revise the instructions with build-it-yourself bookshelves or that desk that took me twelve hours to assemble.

As a former technical writer for Daktronics, Inc., I updated several manuals with current information, checked grammar, edited graphics and photos, and consistently formatted the layout and font throughout the manuals. My other primary focuses were the company catalogue and the sports web pages. I provided detailed product descriptions for both the salespeople and clients while also editing several photos and graphics to help promote the products. Manual examples I helped revise were completed by communicating with marketers and engineers. Minor revisions such as color, design, and additional information have been made since I revised them but otherwise have remained unchanged and have successfully been used for many other sporting events and the Olympics.

Daktronics’ OmniSport manual helps provide accurate timing as soon as the swimmers leave the deck or wall until the completion of the race when the swim pads are touched.

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